Introducing TermX

Introducing the new TermX Accreditation Course and!

We are excited to launch the improved TermX Accreditation Course, your gateway to installing an advanced termite delivery /replenishment system! Visit the newly launched website,, to explore more about the TermX Replenishment System.

TermX is a revolutionary termiticide replenishment system designed for use with repellent and non-repellent products. It is compatible with APVMA registered termiticides, including Suspension Concentrates (SC’s) and Emulsifiable Concentrates (EC’s).

TermX offers flexibility for protecting homes, commercial buildings, utility power poles, schools, and government installations. The TermX system is the ideal method to provide long-term protection using appropriately registered termiticides. It works by pressurizing and delivering termiticides precisely to vulnerable areas, creating a robust termite barrier.

The TermX Accreditation Course equips you with the expertise to maximize the benefits of this innovative system. This new course will allow you to install one of the easiest and most flexible termiticide replenishment systems in Australia.

Visit to discover TermX and our Accreditation Course.


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  • New Ekomille Range - Now Available From Garrards

    Introducing the all new Ekomille range, Now Available at Garrards. A rodent control system that is ECOLOGICAL, HYGIENIC and SAFE. The new rodent control device Ekomille CO2 is integrated with a rapid and animal friendly suppression system: with carbon dioxide in the case of Ekomille CO2.

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  • Taurus Dry - Your go-to Solution for Effective Termite Control

    Taurus Dry is your go-to solution for effective termite control. This revolutionary product ensures you can combat these pests with precision and ease.

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  • Doxem Clear Gel - The Ultimate Solution for Ant and Cockroach Control In One

    Introducing Doxem Clear Gel, the only gel on the market that effectively eliminates ants and cockroaches with a powerful, clear, non-staining formulation. Perfect for use in any climate, whether hot or cold, Doxem Clear Gel remains palatable without hardening or crusting, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness.

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  • PestWest Products

    PestWest Commerical Fly Traps are high quality units combining advanced glue board technology with slim-line designs. The slim-line designs enable glueboards to be placed closer to the UV tubes improving catch rates, whilst PestWest Reflectobakt® sleeves shield the board from the drying effect of the UV tubes.

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Garrards Roadshows 2024

Garrards Roadshows are returning in 2024!

Garrards Roadshows 2024 bringing you face-to-face with some of the best manufacturers world-wide, you have the opportunity to listen, view and handle the latest technology and techniques in Pest Control. From rodent sensing technology to the latest chemical break throughs, there is something new for everyone.

Catering provided at all events as well as a complimentary show bag for every attendee!

Head over to our online RSVP to find out more information on topics, prizes and much much more.

Click on any of the links below to see more details and RSVP to your local Roadshow:

Garrards Roadshows 2024

South Australia/Victoria (Adelaide, Dandenong, Taylors Lakes, Albury) – Starts 30th April

New South Wales (Canberra, Penrith, Parramatta, Newcastle) – Starts 13th May

Northern NSW & Southern SEQ (Tamworth, Coffs Harbour, Ballina, Gold Coast, South Brisbane) – Starts 27th May

South East QLD (Bundaberg, Sunshine Coast, North Brisbane, Toowoomba) – Starts 10th June

Western Australia (Perth, Busselton) – Starts 25th June

North Queensland (Cairns, Townsville, Mackay, Rockhampton) – Starts 29th July